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Re: Bug#101981: O: calc -- An advanced calculator and mathematical tool for Emacs.

epg@pobox.com (Eric Gillespie, Jr.) writes:

> OK, it's yours.  Have you already registered at nm.debian.org?  Let
> me know when you have something for me to look over and upload.

Well, I don't have an advocate yet, so I haven't applied.  

So if you would be willing to sponsor calc until I find an advocate,
that would be great.

I have an updated package which fixes bug #92117 in the basically the
same way I just proposed on -emacsen here:


also apt-able as:

deb http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/~walters/debian/sid ./

But I have no idea about bug #95999; I can't reproduce it with the
current xemacs21 and calc packages in sid, or the packages in potato.
I've asked the bug submitter for more information.

Thanks for helping me to contribute a bit back to calc; it has made
doing my physics homework much easier :)

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