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debian/ dir in upstream CVS tree

upstream developer of a package i maintain (libgnurdf1) wants debian/
directory in upstream CVS tree. it seemed to me a not too weird idea
and gave it to him, although i was not so happy because something sounded
odd to me.

what seemed only odd some time ago is now the problem: before he starts
distributing new tarballs he wants i update debian stuff in order to make it
already for building debian packages. but up on building debian packages i
have not an upstream tarball against with dpkg-buildpackage makes the .diff.gz!

when i first packaged it upstream CVS hadn't debian/ so i had no problem but
now he wants to release a new upstream version and debian/ is in upstream CVS.

of course it is not a debian native package so it should have a separate
upstream tarball.

please help me untie this mess.

i CC'ed to upstream developer mailing list so that they also understand
my needs. upstream devel of course can join discussion whenever they want.

thank you all

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