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APT : Packages file to large to download everytime.


This has been brought up many times before. The APT packages file is just
too large to download everytime during an apt-get update.

I believe rsync is too costly a solution, as it would tax a server when 
hundreds of people are doing apt-get update.

I think it would be a good idea to use a patch file. As in, every time 
the Packages file is changed, a diff could be made available. So, everday,
a file called Packages-`date -I` could be released. 
Hence, everytime the Packages file is updated, a suitable patch could be
released. Patches upto say 30 revisions could be kept, and if one was way
out of sync, then the whole Packages file could be downloaded.

Also, it would be nice if the Packages file was signed, or some trust 
mechanism was available.

I wouldn't mind working on integrating these things into apt, if people
generally tend to agree upon them as a good idea.


Please cc: me replies as I'm not on debian-devel

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