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Any Old Port In A Storm

So, I've got a bug (#95087) against the Freenet package complaining
about the fact that Freenet grabs port 8081, which is also used by
wwwoffled. In fact, by default, Freenet listens on 4 ports for 4
different protocols: XML-RPC at 6690, FCP (Freenet Client Protocol) at
8082, FNP (Freenet Node Protocol) at 19114, and HTTP at 8081.

Now, three of these protocols are not registered with the IANA, and
for the fourth (HTTP), it'd be the height of hubris to grab port
80. 8081 is the port Freenet uses "out of the box," and many
in-Freenet Web sites assume (foolishly) that port 80 is used for
Freenet and act accordingly.

So my question is this: is there any Debian organization, loose-knit
or otherwise, for allocating TCP/IP ports for packages? I don't see
mention of allocation of ports in policy, for example, but I assume
I'm not the first maintainer to have this kind of difficulty. I'd
especially assume that clever variations on 8000, 8080, 81 and 80 are
fairly popular with the many tools that use/provide HTTP-based

If there's not a "port registry," and I'm going to have to just
shuffle along to another port, so be it. But I'd rather not go
wandering from port to port as all 7000+ Debian + contrib + non-free
packages kick me along, if I can help it.


Evan Prodromou

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