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Re: apt-{gnutella,freenet}

>>>>> "EB" == Edward Betts <edward@debian.org> writes:

    EB> With a well-written P2P system I do not have to hunt out the
    EB> fastest mirror, the system will do the work for me. Suddenly
    EB> there is not just a handful of Debian mirrors being run at
    EB> universities and companies, but every Debian machine becomes a
    EB> mirror. Less traffic jams at big sites because packages are
    EB> shared between machines.

Well, if you were paying attention, you would know that it's already
been done (at least for Freenet).


Doesn't even need an apt-freenet, since Freenet has an HTTP interface
built in. You just have to:

        apt-get install freenet

...and add some extra lines to your sources.list.

I believe EOF (Everything Over Freenet) needs some help maintaining
the "mirrors" in Freenet. Insertion is pretty expensive for Freenet,
so it's difficult for one person to keep up all 3 systems (potato,
woody, sid) and all N platforms, PLUS source. If you're really
interested, get involved!


Evan Prodromou

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