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chkconfig packages for testing (will ITP soon)


  While reading over the FHS, I noticed a recommendation for a
chkconfig-like program to maintain the runlevel symlinks into
the init.d directory, so I went about seeing what it would take
to package redhat's chkconfig. The newest version of chkconfig
worked out-of-the-box with the debian /etc/init.d layout, so I've
made a deb of it all. I've also hacked a perl script to add the
necessary chkconfig lines to each init.d script (chkconfig-convert).
Use this script _only_ after you've made a copy of your /etc/init.d
directory. The script has been run on 6 machines with nothing but
great results, but you should be careful. Any feedback on this 
would be appreciated.

The package is named 'chkconfig'
The apt sources are:
  deb http://mutt.rcfile.org/~brent/progeny newton main 
  deb-src http://mutt.rcfile.org/~brent/progeny newton main

note that the build depends for the source package is not correct, so
you may have to install a couple of -dev packages to complete the build.


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