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Bug#101255: RFA: diskless -- NFSROOT image stuff

Package: wnpp
Severity: important


I am not able to give this package the attention it deserves any more
(nor am I as interested in NFS-root systems as I once was), and hence
I am announcing the fact here.

There are two major tasks:

1. It needs updating to support the debootstrap mechanism in woody.
(possibly this may involve getting rid of diskless-newhost and
replacing it with a call to debootstrap instead).

This task needs to get done before the freeze, or diskless will
essentially become unusable.

2. The documentation is confusing and needs updating.

3. other bugs need addressing.

(also under consideration: do something to make it easier for users to
create their own custom versions of diskless-image-*.deb, in case the
defaults are not sufficient. Perhaps these deb packages could be
included in diskless*.deb, but not sure if this is possible).

I think all of these tasks should be relatively easy and probably
shouldn't take too much time either (especially if you have a fast
Internet connection), just that my other package, Heimdal, is taking
up all my spare time right now.

If nobody else wants to adopt this package, I will continue with it
for now, but may not be done with any great speed.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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