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Re: config.sub, upstream author responsibility?

>>>>> "Alwyn" == Alwyn Schoeman <alwyns@prism.co.za> writes:

    Alwyn> Hi, I just got a bug report on one of my packages that it
    Alwyn> doesn't recognise a specific hardware platform and requires
    Alwyn> a new config.sub.  As this is part of the original source
    Alwyn> code, is this the upstream author's responsibility?

Yes.  It's also your responsibility.

    Alwyn> If so, is the only thing I can do to request an update by
    Alwyn> that author or can I actually go change it?

You can in general make any change you need to to DFSG-free packages.
Fixing bugs is a great reason to change a package.  In some cases, the
license may force you to change the name of the modified package, but
replacing config.sub shouldn't trigger that.

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