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Re: Building Perl Packages busted imlib packages C++ Packages should test builds with g++-3.0 Can't configure 3rd button on mouse Re: Changing standard mailbox setup of Debian? Re: character sets chroot BIND Re: Task harden. chroot bind? Re: Circus Linux during Debian install? Re: closing gcc272 bugs codpieces of eight Configuration Files created at Installation Time configuring ISA PnP devices with kernel 2.4 & isapnptools Configuring sources.list during install: idea configuring xf4, was Re: Can't configure 3rd button on mouse Conflict: libgb console in testing criteria for being moved into testing? Cryptic messages from installers Curious e-mails from Curious... Cyrus IMAP 2.x? Re: daemons running as nobody Darwin and dpkg [possibly off topic] DB2/DB3 in woody maybe causing problems... debbugs can now send bug mails to someone different than the maintainer debconf in potato debconf, output in installation scripts, and lintian debian 2.3 Re: Debian Afbackup Re: Debian bug-squashing party may involve your packages Debian LDAP Schema debian packages for corelinux 0.4.32 Debian Paranoia ML Re: Debian X package shouldn't install XDM by default Re: debian-devel-digest Digest V101 #115 depricating libgmp2 Re: developping of deb and clean dpkg database devfsd dist-upgrade to woody Does the Kernelsource directly go into testing? Doing ITPs drivers dselect is stuck with an error in dpkg-preconfigure --apt Dual CPU compilation. e2fsck and devfs bug? Fix for: libdb3 and gnome Floppy and tftp - was Woody Freeze Floppy and tftp - Woody Freeze Followup: Syslog Formal request for review: [Sam Hartman <>] Referring what kernel-images to build to the technical committee? Format of Description fields fortunes-atheist copyright again (would be FW: Re: copyright) freeciv ftp filesystem fvwm-beta (2.3) packages are apt'able now FYI: dh_upx compresses i386 executables FYI: mbonecommon changed to uclmmbase Re: Generic maintainer email address Get your share of $1.4 million! getting involved Getting packages out? Global secure install requested flag(Re: Task harden.) gnapster packages for potato Gnome bug 94684 The last update was on 07:03 GMT Sun Jun 03. There are 2717 messages. Page 2 of 6.

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