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DB2/DB3 in woody maybe causing problems...

After seeing a user question in debian-user, I did a little digging
and see that the libdb2/libdb3 changes made it to testing.

Here's the relevant portion of an ltrace:
open("access.db", 2, 0644)                        = 4
__fxstat(3, 4, 0xbffff14c)                        = 0
flock(4, 2, 420, 2, 0x40118180)                   = 0
__errno_location()                                = 0x40167480
__fxstat(3, 4, 0xbffff14c)                        = 0
__errno_location()                                = 0x40167480
db_open(0xbffff434, 2, 524289, 420, 0)            = 22
fprintf(0x40164660, "%s: cannot open type %s map %s\n", "makemap",
"hash", "access.db"makemap: cannot open type hash map access.db
) = 45

The problem being that at that level, sendmail-8.9.3-23 is current,
whereas in unstable, its 8.11.3+8.12.0.Beta7 ;-{

While a recompile against a newer libdb2 might fix things (it wont compile
with db3), if one was to look at the current sendmail bugs, a significant
portion are against 8.9.3.  And with the number of general bugs, lack of
SPAM control in 8.9.3, I'd rather not waste any time on it when 8.12.0
should be installed instead.

I see the current sendmail is only 2/10 days old - looks like I
should've uploaded with higher priority ;(  At the time I shipped, alot
of the dependancies weren't ready either...

I've some stuff queue in -3 that I don't want going to woody yet - so
whats the apropriate action?
 * let people be broke for 8 more days
 * for me to stash my updates aside, rebuild -2 (as -3) and mark it
 * is there some way to force the update sooner ?

Rick Nelson
I have also been a huge Unix fan ever since I realized that SCO was not
Unix.           -- Dennis Baker

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