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Re: devfsd

On Tuesday 03 April 2001 23:23, zhaoway wrote:
> zw@q:~/ > su -c '/etc/init.d/devfsd start'
> Password:
> Setting up symlinks in /dev...done.
> Setting up extra devices in /dev...done.
> Starting devfsd...Started device management daemon for /dev
> zw@q:~/ > ps auxw|grep devfsd
> zw         550  0.0  0.9  1564  584 pts/1    SN   19:50   0:00 grep devfsd
> zw@q:~/ >
> Is the above normal? See below for the actual difficulties:

No.  The devfsd should be running.

Please run the following command and send me the output (off-list):
strace -o /tmp/output -ff /sbin/devfsd /dev

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