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Re: debian 2.3

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On Wednesday 11 April 2001 07:07, rob@debianplanet.org wrote:
> Or we could rephrase that: Whats the point of having vi on there if ae does
> the job... And we could fit a game on ...
> /me runs off cackling

actually, i'm surprised no one has thought of this already:

A telnet client would be a very, very nice thing to have. The game doesn't 
have to be on the boot floppies, you could telnet to some other host and read 
mail, play nethack, or whatever. Especially cool would be the possibility of 
getting quick help on IRC during the install if you happened to have a shell 
somewhere else, and had your network configured, and get lost..

First off, this thread started as a question about ReiserFS support, and it's 
important to at least be able to create different filesystems at the 
beginning of the install..

second, vi or telnet would be better than ae or some game.. again, 
the problem is fitting all this crap into a pretty tight space.
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