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Re: Configuring sources.list during install: idea

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 04:18:13PM +0300, Ilkka Tuohela wrote:
> We have a fairly big local network of debian hosts. I just got this
> silly idea how to configure sources.list during install...
> First, we share a local pre-configured sources.list available with
> NFS and http. I really would like to be able to enter this URL when
> configuring sources.list, preferably giving just the URL and letting
> installer fetch sources.list from network. This should not be even
> hard to add to the installer, methinks? 
> Another idea was a little bit more complicated: instead of entering
> the URL by yourself you could add automatic configuration as one
> possibility, just like wpad proxy configuration proposal. We could 
> simply support one type of DNS record for this, nothing as fancy as
> WPAD which defines multiple protocols and options.
> So, for example in our network I could simply add a DNS record
> apt-source-potato 3600 IN TXT "http://potato.domain.com/sources.list";
Maybe better in a dhcp record?
> Only thing we really have to define is what kind of distribution 
> specific DNS names so that you can have debian-install-potato and 
> apt-source-woody, or just have debian-install and let the 
> installer parse it (adding for example .pototo or .woody to the URL?)
> Of course, this could be used to get a complete host profile as well
> (what packages to install, whatever), but I'm not thinking that far
> yet.
> Notice, this option could be completely free to use if you like want 
> so there should be no big security issues.
> Anyone interested? At least being able to fetch a sources.list with
> HTTP is important, the other option is interesting but not so urgent,
> just quite easy to implement if we specify it properly.
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