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Re: Floppy and tftp - was Woody Freeze

>>>>> "Ola" == Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org> writes:

> On Sun, Apr 08, 2001 at 06:10:45PM -0700, Alex Perry wrote:
>> > > You have floppy drives in your servers?  You should maybe try tftp.
>> > 
>> > Not likely if Craig uses off-the-shelf PC hardware. They don't have a boot
>> > monitor, remember. Floppies aren't going away in this respect untill a lot
>> > more network cards are available with a flash chip.
>> Nonono.  You put the network boot code on the floppy.   www.etherboot.org
>> The PC thinks it is doing a floppy boot, so almost any system can do that,
>> then the loaded code actually does a network boot from there on.
>> It would be very convenient to have a debian package that depends on
>> tftp server and dhcp server, then configures them for you.  All unexpected
>> computers asking to boot are given the choice of becoming terminals
>> (aka www.ltsp.org) or of immediately installing debian to the hard disk.
>> It wasn't hard to set that up manually, but could easily be trivialized.

> I'm working on a project to run debian (servers and clients) diskless.

> Im actually sitting with a totally diskless computer running debian
> started with PXE, GRUB, Linux-2.4.2 and nfs-root. I intend to make
> diskless-server and diskless-client packages to simplify this.

> Is there anyone else out there that are interested in this?

I am very interested in this. Do you have a web page describing this? 


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