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Re: DB2/DB3 in woody maybe causing problems...

On Sun, Apr 15, 2001 at 12:19:43AM -0400, Richard A Nelson wrote:
> I see the current sendmail is only 2/10 days old - looks like I
> should've uploaded with higher priority ;(  At the time I shipped, alot
> of the dependancies weren't ready either...
> I've some stuff queue in -3 that I don't want going to woody yet - so
> whats the apropriate action?
>  * let people be broke for 8 more days
>  * for me to stash my updates aside, rebuild -2 (as -3) and mark it
>    critical
>  * is there some way to force the update sooner ?

Upload -3 to experimental, if you like.

Ask nicely (by, say sending a mail to -devel describing the problem), and
have the testing scripts magically treat the sendmail update as more urgent
than it was uploaded.

Of course, you just did the latter, and sendmail'll go in with the next
dinstall run.


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