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Re: Debian X package shouldn't install XDM by default

[Ilya Martynov - Mon, 16 Apr 2001 06:46:02 AM CDT]
> JV> I like GDM and KDM, because they let me choose
> JV> language and window manager when I start up, but does
> JV> XDM allow you to do either? Maybe I just don't know
> JV> how to use XDM (which is very possible). Maybe Debian
> JV> should trash XDM and use GDM by default instead.
> AFAIK It doesn't have any controls that allow to choose window manager
> to start but you can always just create script $HOME/.xsession that
> starts your faivorite window manager. This script will override
> default settings for window manager.

That also, and I *prefer* XDM.  After seeing all the crap that can 
happen with GDM and KDM, I *like* XDM.  It's simple.  It's plain.  It 
doesn't waste memory.  It gets the job done.

In a world where people are forgetting about .xsession and .Xdefaults... 

An Thi-Nguyen Le
|Feeling amorous, she looked under the sheets and cried, "Oh, no,
|it's Microsoft!"

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