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Re: Conflict: libgb

> As the sgb maintainer, it would probably have been wise to email me as
> well (sgb@packages.debian.org would do).  I just happened to see the
> email....

Hi.. sorry, I completely didn't think of it (as with so many other things
this last week, which has been a complete disaster but anyway..).

> Anyway, is the Gnome Basic library "standard" (in some vague sense of
> the word)?  Do people expect it to be installed with that name?

It's still very preliminary at the moment.  My understanding is that it's
not "standard" but wishes eventually to be an alternate [VB-compatible]
standard.  Scripting already exists for Gnome but I understand the plan is
to allow VB scripting for apps similar to that which exists for the Other
office suite.  I'll mail the gb list and enquire further.

Of course there are no packages in Debian which use Gnome Basic either,
since this is its first packaging.



Ben Burton (benb@acm.org)

Director of Training
Australian Informatics Olympiad Committee

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