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Re: debconf, output in installation scripts, and lintian

On 2001-04-16, Sean Perry <shaleh@valinux.com> wrote:
> it is possible for the debconf checks to do this -- if it sees you
> source debconf, then disallow echo/printf/etc.

Eeek. What about echoes and printfs to a stream that is not directed to
the terminal? var=`echo $i | sed "s/foo/bar"` would be a good candidate
for that.

Or what about
cat filename         # without redirection -- directly to a terminal,
                     # or: 
my-stdouting-program # also without redirection.

> The problem is that some people have maintainer scripts that support
> debconf but have fallback mechanisms when debconf is not installed.
> These scripts will trigger false alarms.

Yeah, and that, too.
Looks like something that's very hard to check for. Either we need a
good heuristic for that or a very clever idea.

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