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Re: debian 2.3

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 06:31:06PM -0700, Sam Powers wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 April 2001 07:07, rob@debianplanet.org wrote:
> > Or we could rephrase that: Whats the point of having vi on there if ae does
> > the job... And we could fit a game on ...
> >
> > /me runs off cackling
> actually, i'm surprised no one has thought of this already:
> A telnet client would be a very, very nice thing to have. The game doesn't 
> have to be on the boot floppies, you could telnet to some other host and read 
> mail, play nethack, or whatever. Especially cool would be the possibility of 
> getting quick help on IRC during the install if you happened to have a shell 
> somewhere else, and had your network configured, and get lost..
> First off, this thread started as a question about ReiserFS support, and it's 
> important to at least be able to create different filesystems at the 
> beginning of the install..

This is d-d its offtopic to talk about being offtopic ;)

Actually including a lightweight irc client and advertising its precense
might be quite a good idea, point it #debian and away they go.


Rob 'robster' Bradford

Founder/Lead Developer: Debian Planet

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