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Re: Debian bug-squashing party may involve your packages

>> Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> writes:

 > As it should be announced in the near future on debian-devel-announce,
 > we're holding a Debian bug-squashing party in two weeks' time to try and
 > decrease the number of bugs that have the potential to hold up the
 > release of woody. This mail is to let you know in advance that some bugs
 > in your packages are on the list of bugs we might ask volunteers to
 > target.

 Thanks for the notice.  You touch my packages and I make a riot.  I'm
 not what I would call "inactive", "missing", "unresponsive" or "out of
 touch".  As usual, patches are welcome, as well as bug submissions thru
 the appropiate channels.  NMUs are not, unless you have a really damn
 good reason for them (and a request from me wouldn't hurt either).  I
 appreciate the effort, but I really dislike the tone of this notice.
 In particular, the bug that prompted this notice *has* seen activity
 since the last BSP.



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