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testing gnome breakage (FWD: Bug#93572: Dependency problem when installing new debconf-utils) testing installation bot just plain doesn't like XFree86 Re: testing is broken Text tool problems with xfig resolved This isn't a support question but more a request. time limits for users? TkRat & encryption TLS/LDAP confusion tomcat and apache troubles tonight in SF trouble building ncftp-3.0.2 from source Trying to reach Wichert (wrt emacs20 problem etc.) undocumented(7) should be in an essential package Unidentified subject! unofficial moz 0.8.1 packages anywhere? unstable unstable: php4 prb... Update release management updated ARM hall of shame Updated list of translation priorities updating of /etc/rc?.d Re: upgrading openldapd --> slapd Upgrading packages with init scripts VA Debian banner old Where does iswedish come from? where is why dig ? I wanna use nslookup ! Why does typing "navigator" run mozilla? Wich is the status of the -ldb problem? wnpp: ITP: gq - gtk ldap client Re: Woody Freeze Plans - Progress Report Re: Work-needing packages report for Apr 6, 2001 X-Medium in /var/lib/dpkg/available Re: XFree 4.0.3 used by some debian developers and their sid packages depend on it (but not available) Xfree-4.0.3?? Re: Your help with QA is needed Re: your mail 고급액세서리를 국내최저 덤핑 가격에 판매합니다 턜쬍샘15쪻TFT LCD 올뱝 악쯦쿜㏀"⑹"짦 The last update was on 06:59 GMT Sun May 20. There are 2717 messages. Page 6 of 6.

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