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Re: Followup: Syslog

On Sat, Apr 14, 2001 at 12:08:50AM +0200, Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt wrote:
> After reading through the features which people would like to see, it seems 
> to me that there is really need for something else besides sysklogd. What I 
> really want to know is, why is syslog-ng and/or msyslog not more widely used? 
> What do they lack? Compatibility and security are the only points I can see 
> where they might not qualify as a total replacement.

i used msyslog a while back, and liked it.. the modular structure made it
really easy to extend and maintain. it had a sysklogd like configuration, with
small changes.

> With that in mind, I've been considering making my own logger. Is this a good 
> idea? I've considered it a bit, and thought it would be best to start with 
> the current sysklogd source, and make small, tested changes to be sure that 
> it's still safe & working. What do people think of this?

my suggestion is to start around with msyslog, and extend it (yes, i'm going to
be nailed by the syslog-ng people, but thats what you get for entering the holy
zones) msyslog already supports logging to databases, which i found to be very
useful. and it has most of the sysklogd features in it.

i haven't looked at the source, but i remember reading somewhere that it's
written from scratch and it is pretty new, so there shouldn't be too much of
old cruft there either.

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