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C++ Packages should test builds with g++-3.0

As of today, gcc-3.0 test packages are in unstable. i386, PowerPC and
SPARC are available. I'm not sure whether it will build on other
architectures or not. NOTE, these packages are not used by default, even
if you install them! The gcc-2.95 packages are prefered for Debian
packages. However, you should simply continue to use the common tool
names (cc, gcc, g77, g++, etc.) so that architectures that do decide to
switch to gcc-3.0 as their default compiler, will automatically be built

I want to bring people's attention to the new C++ library, libstdc++3.0.
Some packages will need fixes in order to compile with g++-3.0 (You can
test build with it using CXX=g++-3.0 or similar). The HPPA port is using
gcc-3.0 by default, so you may be getting bug reports if your package
does not build (because of C++ problems).

I'm hoping people will reduce the HPPA porters' work by testing for
themselves, and attempting to fix the problems. Most of the time, the
fixes are small. If you have difficulty, please email the debian-gcc
mailing list.


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