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Re: Floppy and tftp - was Woody Freeze

On Monday 09 April 2001 09:40, Ola Lundqvist wrote:
> Im actually sitting with a totally diskless computer running debian
> started with PXE, GRUB, Linux-2.4.2 and nfs-root. I intend to make
> diskless-server and diskless-client packages to simplify this.
> Is there anyone else out there that are interested in this?

I have been looking into doing it myself, but haven't gotten that far. I 
actually managed to boot (etherboot-floppy) and nfs-mount the root fs, but 
due to lack of time never proceeded from there. Ready-to-go Debian packages 
would be /really/ neat :)

> I will probably have them done sometime during the summer. Well
> I could make them in a couple of days but now I'm a bit too busy in
> packaging java packages. :)

Looking forward to it.

Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt

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