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Re: Configuring sources.list during install: idea

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, Ilkka Tuohela wrote:

> We have a fairly big local network of debian hosts. I just got this
> silly idea how to configure sources.list during install...
> First, we share a local pre-configured sources.list available with
> NFS and http. I really would like to be able to enter this URL when
> configuring sources.list, preferably giving just the URL and letting
> installer fetch sources.list from network. This should not be even
> hard to add to the installer, methinks?

Well, wait for me to get dlopen support to apt done(it'll dlopen everything in
a dir), then I'll modify my apt-nis(which reads sources.list entries from nis)
to work with it.

I think the current sources.list syntax supports includes, but I may be wrong
on that.

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