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Re: configuring xf4, was Re: Can't configure 3rd button on mouse

>> Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

 > >  > Well, I get a grey screen with a large X as the mouse cursor. I can move
 > >  > the mouse cursor on the screen, but that's all I get. No mouse clicks
 > >  > cause anything new.

 > Not the above quote was using /usr/bin/X11/XF86_SVGA, however the results
 > are the same when executing /usr/bin/X11/XFree86.

 Of course nothing happens.  You are running the X server only.  There's
 no window manager nor any other program that gets those clicks.  The
 server just sits there, gets clicks, generates events and send them to
 the clients, but there are no clients.

 > >  Look for /etc/X11/XF86Config-4, you should have a section like:
 > Duuh! xf86config creates all these sections. Your point is?

 Sorry, I must have missed your problem.  From what you said about a big
 cursor, I thought your resolution was something like 640x480 or
 320x200, which would have meant the server discarded all the other
 resolutions because the horizontal or vertical ranges you specified
 don't allow for them.

 It looks like your X server is working properly.  If you start your
 session with:

 $ startx

 what happens?


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