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Re: debbugs can now send bug mails to someone different than the maintainer

Le Tue, Apr 24, 2001 at 04:25:16AM -0500, adam@lapdoog.doogie.brainfood.com écrivait:
> This is useful, when the real maintainer is doing the upload, and dinstall
> compares the uploader to the real maintainer, but an entire list of people
> should actually get the bug reports.

It would be great to have an automated system where one could subscribe to
bugs for a particular package without having all the hassles of filling a
bug and waiting an answer. And having something automated would allow me
to unsubscribe for the vacation and subscribe again after and so on.

I'd like to help for some packages I know well, but don't want to
subscribe to -bugs-dist to actually get bugs.

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