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Re: Floppy and tftp - was Woody Freeze

> 3. It retrieves the boot-loader (GRUB) via tftp from the server.
> 4. GRUB then loads the kernel (and maybe modules too if needed) 
do you mean there is a way to "pre-load" kernel modules now ?
I think GRUB allows loading of modules via multiboot specification,
but does Linux complies to this spec ?

> 7. Some directories are mounted with ramfs.
in my diskless setup, I use a /mnt/writable ramdisk created
at boot time in init scripts, and I have a farm of symlinks
for /tmp /var/log ... pointing to /mnt/writable/* . could
you explain how your ramfs solution works ?

by the way, it looks like the only thing preventing / to be
mounted read-only is /etc/mtab, which could be symlinked to 
/proc/mounts. does anybody have any pro/con comments about that?

> Atually I would like to boot another kernel at the server for
> updating the image but I have not found any good solution. The
> user-space-linux project looks nice but it uses a file as
> the filesystem...

and it is not practicable in cross-platforms setup, i.e. when
the NFS server is a PC and the client a Macintosh. looks like
there are two "solutions" : either netboot a client with write
access to do apt-thingies, either a "dpkg --root /images/foo",
with tons of tricks to fool postconf scripts ...

Jerome Petazzoni <skaya@enix.org>

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