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Re: Configuring sources.list during install: idea

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 03:01:00PM +0100, rob@debianplanet.org wrote:
> However i have another point to make, many people i know inclding myself
> install the stable release in order to upgrade to unstable/testing.
> Therefore i think it would be a good idea to offer the option of not
> installing any of the packages (except base system or not? ) from stable and
> instead create a sources.list for the user's chosen version and then get the
> packages. This would save time and for people who only want the installer in
> order to grab unstable of the net a smaller download.
> Do i make myself understood?

Hmm... you could try using this:

It'll let you boot off a CD, install the base system and then apt the
rest of your system.



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