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Re: chroot bind?

nj.lee@plumtree.co.nz (Nicholas Lee) writes:

> I'm interesting in doing some work to provide a bind-chroot package.

Are you working with bind 8.X or 9.X?  

I've said a couple of times that if someone wants to help figure out a good
way to make a chroot'ed configuration an option that debhelper could offer
for the bind9 packages I'd be willing to look at a patch.  So far, everyone
who has tackled this has done it as a replacement package for 'bind'.  Nothing
wrong with that, it just has less long-term utility.

I have no great inspirations about where to park chroot's, either.  I don't
think it is well handled, if at all, by current policy.  The buildd machines
I've looked at mostly use /chroot, but that means nothing.


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