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... Re: 3.9.18 PPC X server bochs lgpl'ed Boot floppies saga continues. Re: booting 8500 with blank disk (was Re: Unidentified subject!) Booting RTLinux kernel [branden: Re: /etc/X11/Xmodmap] Bug #60469: reported problem on PowerPC with PostgreSQL Re: Can't compile MOL 0.9.41 on Debian PowerPC Re: compiler optimization? something else? compiling kernel. compiling PPC kernels using binutils- Re-compiling the kernel for 8500 PPC Cross Compiling x86 -> ppc ? Debian on PowerMAC G4 Debian potato - still won't boot debian PPC on 8100 ? Docbook: section command not working. /etc/X11/Xmodmap /etc/X11/Xmodmap re-revisited Feedback (2000-03-16) fvwm95-icons 2.0.43ba-11 G4/400 gdm problem help on 6200 I have XFree86 4.0 building, however... imac install Re: initial xserver set up and Xclaim VR card - TV tuner installing Installing debian on a diskless PowerPC board using NFS Is it possible to have MOL networking under Debian? Is it possible to install Potato KDE packages Kerberos4KTH patch kernel-package/kernel-image was Re: New kernel packages available Kingston USB trackball's Loki games was: Re: Sockoban mac-fdisk Mozilla M14 build candidate available Need account on a potato ppc machine New info on how to install your laptop the new powerpc boot/install disks New Quik available NMU for gdb? (no subject) ntpd ... ntpd and keyboard powerbook g3 1999 first time install Powerbook G3 (Tokyo) powerbook keymap doesn't work after install PowerPC cd status PPC Potato install from hell... pppconfig ppc bug ramdisk "bug"? Sockoban Re: Storm Linux 2000 Strange warning when running xcdroast Today's rsync tree The truth about Apple's fdisk (was: Re: imac install) Unidentified subject! Re: VERY preliminary boot floppies available for testing Where are ppc disks? Re: Where is libiberty.h? (trying to compile MOL on Debian) X 4.0 and potato and woody and such XF68 on PowerMac 8600? xfonts XFree86 4.0 X server error on 7200 xterms: Non Root User's Cant Open a Psuedo Teletype Re: yaboot on sawtooth G4 Yaboot & tftp Boot The last update was on 20:18 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 214 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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