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In the Red Hat distribution there exist a couple of funny games. Sockoban is
one of my favourites. Will it be part of the Debian distribution? Do anyone
know if this game is available for another architecture than x86?
For those of you who haven't played the game I can say that it reminds quite
a lot of the good old game: Boulder Dash :).

I have been using Debian(Slink) for a couple of days now, it's really,
really buggy :(. It's probably my fault for not installing it correctly or
something :-/. The kernel is 2.0.36, I don't know how to upgrade it. I have
downloaded the whole kernel 2.2.14 in the hope of that I could use parts of
it for Debian. But as I have understood it, the packages which comes with
Debian uses different librarys which is part of the kernel, therefore an
old package can't make any advantage of a new kernel without a new
recompilation of these packages(right?). Under AmigaOS you can have an old
program which uses new and modern librarys, guess this isn't the case
with Linux.

I have been using Debian for a couple of days now, well... it seems I'll
haveto wait for the Debian2.2 to make any use of my PPC, probably the
system will become more stable too, because then I will buy the CD. At the
moment I lack A LOT of packages, so I haven't even got X working yet(but I
don't know if I even want it working before I get the potato-version).

By the way, before installing Debian I thought the installation would be
hard, guess I was wrong! ;)

Debian(2.1) / AmigaOS(3.5) user
Amiga4000 PPC604e @ 233Mhz with 64MB.

Regards Björn "Bear" Johansson

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