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Re: The truth about Apple's fdisk (was: Re: imac install)

On Tue, Mar 14, 2000 at 08:48:15PM -0600, pohl wrote:

> Configuring ybin can't happen unless I can manage to get the
> ybin stuff on my linux partition immediately after installation,
> before the first reboot, because if the box goes down, I can no
> longer boot into linux  (with the HFS partition at the end of 
> the volume, breaking yaboot's ability to find its config file

the bootstrap partition will not inerfere with yaboot on the hfs
partition, you just need to boot into OF and run the following

boot hd:X,yaboot

where X is the partition number of your HFS partition.  unless you are
using yaboot 0.5 it will work, ive done it.  0.4 was broken and almost
always failed to find its config file.  (i think pretty much any time
there was more then 1 or 2 partitions on the disk, and always on scsi)

> there).  Since I have no removable storage devices on this box,
> and can't seem to get it on the network during the initial 
> install, I'm looking for ideas: how do I get ybin on there before 
> it goes down?

if your macos partition is HFS not plus then:

mount -t hfs /dev/hdaX /mnt

and get the tarball from theere (if you downloaded to macos)

otherwise i suggest setting up network access and downloading it.

> I'm going to try to figure out what it would take to help yaboot
> find its default configuration file properly in my copious free
> time barring some insight from the list.  Plan B will be to figure
> out how to make ybin work even if the Apple_Boostrap partition
> isn't the first one.  

it won't work, its not a ybin issue its, an OF issue, OF uses the first
partition it finds a bootable file on, if that is macos then your
screwed.  this is why you must have the bootstrap partition be first,
so once its setup you never have to worry about OF again.  but until
its setup OF will ignore it. so your problem now with yaboot is
certainly not the bootstrap partition but either 1) yaboot 0.4 or 2)
bad yaboot.conf or 3) a new yaboot bug im not aware of. or 4) bad OF
boot command.

im working with Dan to get ybin on the boot floppies and in the base
system so this will no longer be an issue. hopefully we will be able
to automate this setup in dbootstrap, ybin 0.11 should facilitate that

also note i released ybin 0.11 which supports command line options and
limited autogeneration of a yaboot.conf file.

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Ethan Benson

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