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Re: Yaboot & tftp Boot

On Fri, Mar 24, 2000, FASSINO Jean-Philippe
<jeanphilippe.fassino@cnet.francetelecom.fr> wrote:

>Just a small question,
>How configure Yaboot for boot over tftp ?

Several things:

 - Configure your bootp/tftp server so that it assigns an IP address
   to the machine and download yaboot binary to the client as the default
   boot image.

 - On the tftp server, along with yaboot itself, put yaboot.conf, the kernel
   and eventually the ramdisk

 - In yaboot.conf, use path of the form "enet:file" (or "enet:0,file" if you
   are having problems with the first one).

Example of yaboot.conf I use for netboot:

 image = enet:vmlinux
 label = linux
 initrd = enet:ramdisk.image.gz
 initrd-size = 8192
If you want the kernel itself to use bootp to get an IP address and to
boot over
an NFS root, then you have to read the corresponding kernel docs and compile
the proper support in it (network autoconfig/bootp and nfs/nfs-root)
You may also have to set the no_root_squash option in your NFS /etc/exports.

An example /etc/bootptab I use:

.default: \


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