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Re: initial xserver set up and Xclaim VR card - TV tuner

On Sat, Feb 26, 2000 at 05:46:08PM -0500, Nelson Abramson wrote:
> Josh Kuperman wrote:
> > I really can't tell if things are working or not because I haven't got
> > X going. I installed xserver-common, xdm, and a lot of X stuff. I am
> > booting through BootX. If I check the no video drivers box it tries to
> > start xdm a couple of times and goes back into text mode. I don't
> > check the box it starts xdm and goes off to never-never land. I can
> > see the screen is requesting a login but can't quite tell where. I
> > have a 640x480 monitor that came with a Centris 660av and Info
> > 3-button mouse.
> Okay, on the linuxPPC list, this is The Most Frequently Asked Question(tm) :-)

That's odd. My history with Linux on my PowerMac was first I tried
MkLinux which I had some problems with and decided that LinuxPPC would
be better. And while I never resolved some mouse and small screen
issues, LinuxPPC (I forget when - but whenever they came out with the
2CD version - I thinkg about a year agoa) came with software that
autodetected my card and configured my monitor correctly. I've decided
to use debian because it lets me use the same Linux on every machine I
can get my hands on.

I installed LinuxPPC I think this was over a year ago. So I'm
wondering if I somehow missed the configuration tools that created the
XF86Config file. The only program I seem to be able to find is
xvidtune which I am unable to run. What/where are the .deb packages
for programs that will probe my system and generate an XF86Config
file, tell me about cards on my PCI bus and guide me through
Xserver/Xclient configuration - though I believe all my problems are
Xserver based. 

I could blow off Debian, reinstall LinuxPPC, look at the XF86Config
files, copy the useful files over to the Mac partition and then
reinstall Debian, but I'd want a pretty complete list of everything I
should be looking for. Though this strikes me as an extreme measure.

> My suggestion would be to get a working XF86Config file from someone who has
> similar equiptment as you, or modify one so that it fits your equiptment.  Neil
> Jolly has an excellent XFree86 page, with sample XF86Config files at:
> http://www.members.home.net/njolly/xfree86/

Does this mean I should be running Xpmac and get rid of what I have
now? All of the info I could find seems to deal with more recent
machines that a PowerMac 6500/300. I was able to accurately identify
my monitor, and Macintosh Color Display M1212, but I am not sure I can
accurately identify my Xclaim VR video card. Though it looks like
whatever programs are running probe the PCI bus and find it.

> If the one from there doesn't work, I would ask for someone (on the
> linuxPPC list or here) who has a 6500 with working X.
> Also, I would boot into runlevel 3 until you get X working.  

Actually, I'm very impressed with the way the X server has been
failing gracefully returning me back to the shell in text mode. (If I
could get the keyboard to handle session switching so I could have
multiple sessions I could do 95 percent of what I want to do without
X). I get tossed back to the promplt with a suggestion of running gdb
and sending someone a message about the problem with the
results. Though it is too early to do that.

>It will be much
> easier, as you have control over when X starts, and you can see the error
> outputing on the screen, rather than having to 
> root through logs (no pun
> intended).
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