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Re: imac install

On Sunday 5 March 2000, at 9 h 27, the keyboard of Todd Shrider 
<tshrider@one.net> wrote:

> I'm pretty familiar with Linux, but very new to the powerpc world. I
> just a got and IMAC DV special edition and was hoping to install debian
> on it, but, we I haven't found any sort of usefull docuementation
> anywhere. 

It's quite poor but there are some links. Start with:


My modest contribution:


Non-Debian pages could be useful, too:

http://www.yellowdoglinux.com/ (A friend had to install YellowDog to bootstrap 
Debian on it)

> I was hoping that I had just missed it 

There is no, I repeat, no secret documentation (R. Nixon)

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