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Re: imac install

On Sun, Mar 05, 2000 at 10:20:23AM -0500, Todd Shrider wrote:
> Thanks!
> I found most of the stuff you pointed out. I also found a doc at:
> http://www.dartmouth.edu/~jonh/lppc-serve/cache/572.html
> that shows how to bootstrap a system from a ydl or linuxppc.com port.
> Unfortunately (?) 

not unfortunately, yaboot is more robust and reliable. just create a
800K bootstrap partition at the front of your disk to hold it after
the install, and use my ybin utilites to manage it.  just as easy as
lilo. (in mac-fdisk use the C command and create the bootstrap
partition as type Apple_Bootstrap)

ybin is at http://www.alaska.net/~erbenson/ybin/  you need to get the
hfsutils installed to use it though, once you get your base system
installed and going apt-get install hfsutils, and you should be read
to get yaboot more permanetly configured.  then you can have a nifty
bootmenu to dual boot macos if you still need it. don't try and keep
yaboot on macos partition forever, its more trouble then its worth.

> I have a new IMac DV and BootX doesn't work, I have to use
> yaboot. I've found some docs on ydl's site that show how to use it but when I try
> and supplement the debian kernel and ramdisk it gets ugly.

you need a yaboot.conf, and debian's kernel may not work with yaboot
(unless its been updated recently it wont)



should do it assuming the boot floppy kernel and root image are next
to yaboot (at the root of your bootstrap filesystem, probably a macos partition)

> Oh well, this is why Linux is fun, right? :-)

yup ;-)

> -Todd
> >
> > There is no, I repeat, no secret documentation (R. Nixon)

heh indeed :P

Ethan Benson

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