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Loki games was: Re: Sockoban

On 16/3/00 8:36 am, Sven LUTHER at luther@debian.org was inspired to say:

>You can also find some ppc games from loki ...
>at least they have freely downloadable demos for PPC for some of their games,
>g olook at their web site.
>If they don't have a ppc version, go bug them for it, so they will feel that
>there is a need for it. ANd if you buy ppc version of their games, even


I talk fairly often with Scott Draeker from Loki (since I did their 
website) and that isn't quite accurate--they don't need to be pushed to 
make PPC stuff.

Actually, the problem is not that they don't want to *make* PPC games. 
They need *help* with PPC development--they currently lack the people to 
do the dirty work (mainly finishing network code) as well as debugging 
and so on. This is why so many of their games are stuck in beta on the 
PPC and Alpha versions.

If any of you wants to help out (please do!), then contact them at 
sigyn@lokigames.com about working for them.





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