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Re: powerbook g3 1999 first time install

On Sun, Mar 26, 2000 at 09:38:29PM -0600, de savant wrote:
> I have used linux in the past, but this is the first rough install I've
> had to do.  I'm on a bronze lombard.
> I have no floppy drive so how do I install DebianPPC?  I have a Zip USB
> drive, and aprox. 4gb free disk space and no way that I know of to write
> the raw disk images.  Can someone help with some advice.
> -savant
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There are 2 ways - one which uses the Zip disk, and one which doesn't.

1 - Using zip disk...

Get yaboot, and install put it on the zip disk.  Also create a yaboot.conf
file, and put that there as well.  The contents of the yaboot.conf should be:


Also put the kernel (vmlinux) and the ramdisk (ramdisk.image.gz) on the zip.

Restart the mac, and hold command-option-o-f .. and at the prompt, enter
'boot zip:yaboot'.  This will load yaboot, and give a 'boot:' prompt, at which
you just press return.

2 - Not using zip disk...

Almost exactly the same as for the zip disk, but instead put the files in the
root of your MacOS partition, and change the yaboot.conf to read:

..where X is the partition number of the MacOS partition.

Of course, your probably best creating a small bootstrap partition to install
yaboot on more permanently...

Good luck,

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