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Re: PPC Potato install from hell...

Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

> On Sat, 18 Mar 2000, Brian Macy wrote:
> > Fortunately it is now installed and behaving happily... hopefully this
> > torture will pay for itself in the long run with upgrades being trivial.
> >
> > I'm frightened to think what installing Debian on an Alpha is going to
> > be like. Makes the Debian i386 installs feel like a nice back massage :)
> In fact the Alpha install feels like a nice back massage compared to the i386
> install. At least it did for slink on my DEC UDB :-)

Sure, if you know the system well enough to "just know" how to start the install.
Word of caution to Brian: the install docs for Alpha are pretty bad (at least
Slink was and Potato was no better as of a couple of weeks ago).  Except for the
boot disks themselves, the Alpha docs are just the i386 docs with nothing
Alpha-specific about booting.

I'm working on patches, will probably submit this Friday...

(Sorry about the offtopic post.)


-Adam P.

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