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Re: initial xserver set up and Xclaim VR card - TV tuner

Josh Kuperman wrote:

> I didn't really have to remove my Debian install at all. The LinuxPPC
> install CD starts an Xserver after booting off the CD and before it
> does any install. It is running Xpmac - but there is no XF86Config and
> fbset returns the same nonsensical values that it does when I run it

Xpmac is hard coded for acceleration with the ATI cards (mach, rage, rage pro, 128,
etc).  It neither needs nor uses XF86Config (paraphrased from the readme)

Are you booting with No Video Driver checked?  That would account for the fbset
"nonsensical values", it doesn't interact with the of video driver very well.

> on the Debian install. Is there anyone around here familiar with both
> LinuxPPC 1999 CD install and the Debian install process who can tell
> me what is working with LinuxPPC and failing with Debian.

If you install Xpmac, you should bypass whatever XF86Config weirdness you are

--Nelson Abramson

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