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Re: XF68 on PowerMac 8600?

On Fri, Mar 17, The Proteus wrote:

> 	I've just installed Debian/PPC on my PowerMac 8600, and XF68 is
> failing to load with the XF68_FBDev server. I haven't tweaked or touched
> the XF86Config file, and have little or nothing to go on to see if I need
> to, or if something is totally breaking how X runs. When I run startx, it
> begins to load, the display seems like its scanrate is too high for the
> monitor, then the server is killed off by signal 11, and boots me back to
> the shell.

It is a bug in the fbdev, the current color depth must match with the
defaultcolordepth in XF86Config. You proably switched it under MacOS.
Just replace the value with the current settings, or fix the xfbdev ;)

Gruss Olaf

 $ man 1 current_release

       Users never read manuals...

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