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Re: The truth about Apple's fdisk (was: Re: imac install)

On Tue, Mar 14, 2000, Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> wrote:

>this i do not understand, i have exuceted yaboot 0.5 from the first
>second 5th 9th etc parttions and it works fine, i think you might have
>found a new yaboot bug... your using G4 firmware right? perhaps it has
>differently obfusacted paths then the G3 does.. Ben?

I never had this problem on my G4 and the iBook. There is a problem when
not specifying the partition number (hd:,yaboot will usually not work),
but when specified, it should work. 
What was your exact path ? Did you set the partition number correctly ?
(did you check with pdisk that the number was correct ?)

>also Ben has found out that ppclinux.apple.com is broken in the way it
>sends the yaboot binary, you will most certainly get corrupt copies
>from there, to deal with this i have setup a mirror of yaboot on my
>web page (see .sig) i put it in a tarball as this seems more reliable
>with most browsers.  I am certain this copy works because it used the
>one from /boot/yaboot that is booting my system! however if this is
>indeed a new new bug in yaboot on G4s that won't help you. 

ppclinux.apple.com should be fixed soon. (Hum, I hope so....)

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