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Re: KDE packages

atsuma@bellsouth.net said:
> Hey... I can't find the name for KDE packages under Debian, I've even
> tried sourceing them, but I still get told that they don't exist...
> tried kde[base,support,libs,lib] and the same, but with 1g on the end
> (like Qt 1.x has).  No go.  Anyone know the correct package names? 

For some completely inexplicable reason, debian refuses to carry kde.

There are, however, kde packages for debian on kde.tdyc.com

add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list and you'll be off and 

deb	http://kde.tdyc.com frozen kde
deb-src http://kde.tdyc.com frozen kde

the packages are named kdebase,etc, as you expected them to be.

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