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Re: Powerbook G3 (Tokyo)

On Tue, 21 Mar 2000, Matt Knopp wrote:

> I recently got one of the new powerbook G3's "Tokyo" (Basically a lombard, 
> but with firewire in place of scsi).   Basically the problem I am having 
> is that the kernel (a) loses the interrupt for hda, after a while the ram
> disk will load and then (b) the keyboard seems to not work.  

This is not actually much like a Lombard internally; it is the first UMA
Powerbook and therefore shares more with the iBook, as well as the iMac
350/DV and the latest G4s. Note that it is also often referred to by its
codename Pismo, or just "Powerbook 2000."

> The laptop is explicitly unsupported by both YDL and LinuxPPC at this point, 
> I was curious if anyone has had any luck getting it to work themselves. 

Henry Worth has been working on patching the kernel to support the
Pismo; the results can be found in Ben H.'s tree:

rsync --delete -avz linuxcare.com.au::linux-pmac-benh DESTINATION-DIR

It sounds like the code is in usable or near-usable state if you're
interested in testing. See the linuxppc-dev and -user archives from the
past few days for details. <http://lists.linuxppc.org/>

If you don't have a machine on which to compile kernels, Ben says that
he'll be posting binaries once he feels the code is clean enough, as well
as merging it into the BitKeeper trees.

Good luck.

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