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Re: Sockoban

On Thu, Mar 16, 2000 at 01:02:33PM +0100, Björn Johansson wrote:
> On 16-Mar-00, you wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > --- Björn Johansson <amigafreak@home.se> wrote:
> > 
> >> I have been using Debian(Slink) for a couple of days now, it's really,
> >> really buggy :(.
> > 
> > I didn't know/think slink works on powerpc at all?
> Well, It don't. It's using my slow 040.
> > 
> > 
> >> It's probably my fault for not installing it correctly or something :-/.
> > The
> >> kernel is 2.0.36, I don't know how to upgrade it. I have downloaded the
> >> whole kernel 2.2.14 in the hope of that I could use parts of it for
> >> Debian.
> > 
> > You need a special kernel (the latest is 2.2.10) for APUS.
> Yes I know. But then I haveto use the potato version, and since it's
> still is in BETA-stage I thought it would be better to use a stable
> version. That's why I chose Slink.
> APUS 2.2.10, exactly what is the name of the file?
> I *think* I already have it, hmm..

please, please, ...

go to ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/potato/main/disks-powerpc, and get the
base2.2.tgz file, and the several files in the apus subdir.

then get the latest bootstrap from sunsite.auc.dk, it's dated march 2000, or
something such, and try out the install, using the kernel named linux in the
apus subdir, and send any problems/difficulties/etc ... back to me.

about the "slink" stuff, the ppc slink stuff you have is more than 1.5 years
old i think, it was before slink was frozen, and before slink/ppc got removed
and replaced with sid/ppc which is now potato/ppc.

please just delete it, and get the new version. I can even send you a CD set
to test if you really have no other means.



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