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Feedback (2000-03-16)


 (hardware: PowerBook Lombard G3-400)

1. Result of booting today's rsync tree:

Machine check in kernel mode. (regs at cb491bf0)
Caused by (from srr1): Unknown values in srr1
NIP: D081332C XER: 20000000 LR: D0813318 REGS: cb491bf0 TRAP: 0200
MSR: 00001030 [IRDRME]
TASK = cb490000[211] 'modprobe' mm->pgd cb59f000 Last syscall: 128
last math cb484000
GPR00: 000000FF CB491CA0 CB490000 00000001 00008000 000003FF D08149D0 15000000
GPR08: C01F0000 000003F9 00000BC0 FE000000 42242880 10028F84 D0812D94 D08124E8
GPR16: D0811A00 D0812608 D080F0D8 D080F04C D08120A4 D0810EEC D0810FDC D0810F24
GPR24: D0811ABC D0810E48 D0810E3C 00000000 00000000 00009032 D081494C CB491CA8
Entering xmon kernel debugger.

2. gmix sets Volume (read external speakers) and Speaker
   (read the PowerBook speakers) the way around. The labeling is
   misleading, it would be more appropriate to say respectively
   "External Speakers" and "Internal Speakers".
   The panel applet for the Volume sets the external speakers,
   which is not what one wants, at least in this case.
3. GNOME System Information, Detailed Sys info, CPU:
   - funny symbols appear
   - the processor is not displayed
   - the temperature is not displayed
   - bogomips: 801.18 (PowerBook Lombard 400Mhz)
     bogomips from the xterm reports: 526
4. GNOME calendar (gnomecal) does not work
5. JPilot (jpilot) is not available
6. Netscape Communicator/Navigator: great mess, none working.
7. nmap: Now I can nmap localhost. ok
8. gnu-prolog: not available
9. festival: not available
10. pcmcia: ???
11. how do I monitor the battery status?
   it would be nice if one of those panel applet would work,
   possibly advising about the time that is left and the
   eventual urge to shut-down immediately (which is of paramount
12. apmd: not supported (of course, it is Intel/Microsoft stuff!)
  - what is supported then?
  - It would be a good thing to add proper help
    in the kernel PM section.
  - the HD of my Lombard does not want to sleep for more than
    a few seconds, although there seem to be no disc acces.
  - how to set automatic powersaving for disk and display?

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