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Re: ramdisk "bug"?

On Sun, Mar 26, 2000, Matt Knopp <mhat@netlag.com> wrote:

>So after a bit of work, I finally got a kernel that will boot on my Pismo, 
>which leads me to the next "problem" in the install.  I try to do a network 
>install and to my great joy -- the installer looks for a "PowerBook3,1" 
>directory in the disks-powerpc/current/ dir.. which um.. just seems wrong. 
>(oh, it  debands the "PowerBook3,1" kruft if i try installing from a nfs
>partition, alreadymounted partition, etc.)
>This is using the ramdisk image under frozen/current

The installer should not rely on the "model" property since it changes
for every single Apple machine out there. 

The working way of identifying a powermac is to look at the "motherboard"
line in /proc/cpuinfo. It contains a copy of the device-tree "compatible"
property which is actually a list of entries.

When running on a PowerMac or clone, this property should contain
"MacRISC" in one of the entries.

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