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Re: Sockoban

On Fri, Mar 17, 2000 at 11:16:55PM +0100, Björn Johansson wrote:
> > bootstrap --apus -k linux -r images-1.44/root.bin root=/dev/mem
> > video=amifb:pal <-not sure about this> debug
> > should work ok.
> > 
> > (with the linux and root.bin from the apus subdirs of the ppc disks)
> > 
> > try to give us the output of dmesg also dboostrap (i think) also.
> > 
> > Friendly,
> > 
> > Svne LUTHER
> > 
> > 
> > --
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> > 
> This is what I use:
> bootstrap --apus -d -k linux -r root.bin root=/dev/ram

try something like :

bootstrap --apus -k apus/linux -r apus/images-1.44/root.bin root=/dev/ram
nobats 60nsram video=pm2fb:mode:1152x864-60,font:SUN12x22,ypan video=amifb:vga
video=map:0 debug

this is with pm2fb enabled, and 60nsram. the nobats line is needed for having
scsi working, and maybe other things too on A1200 systems.

notice : the linux kernel from debian is bad/too old. check the one at
sunsite i will download nextly.

> It still don't work. The bootstrap command decides whether you have a
> PowerUP system or a WarpUP system. My ppc.library(0.7d) is currently
> working under Frank Villes emulation, is this bad for the kernel
> startup? :-/

please subscribe to linux-apus@sunsite.auc.dk, particularly speak with
Nicholai there, he wrote the bootstrap stuff and knows more than me about
warpup/Pup interaction, i myself have not polluted my system with warpup

> Have you encounted any problems during the bootup with the APUS
> that is good for me to know about? One strange thing, the bootstrap
> won't give me an outputfile. I have both tried -d and --debug. Any
> ideas why?

Add the debug kernel option. the -d/-debug option is for bootstrap only, and
will only make the system wait for messages. Not sure about it.

Please inform us more on what kind of system you have (A1200 or not, ide/scsi
and other suchs, ...)



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