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Re: PPC Potato install from hell...

And what are you using for install disks?  The ones in the archive as
of a few days ago should work far better than this, and have in fact
been reported to.

On Sat, Mar 18, 2000 at 07:54:24AM -0800, Brian Macy wrote:
> Little note on hardware... I actually wrote this to some friends at 2am
> last night...
> - StarMax 4000
> - Using IDE drives
> - PS/2 keyboard/mouse (but I tried the ADB stuff when the keymapping
> hosed)
> - Had LinuxPPC 1999 installed before
> - Using BootX
> - Used one of my compiled kernels a few times when I needed to get it
> Now that makes me want to go out and kill things. Debian PPC is in Sid
> still for a *very* good reason... it is nearly impossible to install. In
> fact there is *no* way to install it with the install images
> available... I guess I shouldn't say no way because after 7 hours of
> hacking I managed to get a working install.
> - the rescue disk image is either corrupted or just don't work... linux
> doesn't think there is a valid FS on it (downloaded it twice just to be
> sure)
> - the install program is broke. It's setup to look for the powermac
> stuff in a "Power" directory when it is supposed to be a "powermac"
> directory. I couldn't get the install to swallow grabbing the stuff
> normally on the rescue disk from a modified http source. I had to burn
> the tree it wanted on CD to get it to swallow it.
> - the install program has some "issues" with figuring out whether or not
> a CD is mounted already... behaves really nasty when it gets screwed up
> (bumps you back to one of several different screens which seems at
> random)
> - the install program is looking for keymap's named *.bmp.gz, the file
> has them called *.bmap.gz, and I think in reality they are supposed to
> be *.kmap.gz... doesn't really matter since it is grabbing the i386
> keymap which makes the machine unusable if you ever get the thing booted
> off the hard drive (fortunately single user mode is your friend...
> deleting the /root/dbbootstrap_settings and
> /etc/console-tools/default.kmap.gz files takes care of it)
> - the install OS kernel and modules is bogus too... fortunately you can
> get enough stuff without modules to get the machine seeing the net
> Fortunately it is now installed and behaving happily... hopefully this
> torture will pay for itself in the long run with upgrades being trivial.
> I'm frightened to think what installing Debian on an Alpha is going to
> be like. Makes the Debian i386 installs feel like a nice back massage :)
> Brian Macy
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